Write “Sweet Memories” Down


One of the joys of being around children is witnessing their silly and cute sayings and doings. These little bursts of happiness fills me up with delight and my day becomes lighter, brighter and easier to get by. I laugh and giggle inside and am refreshed by my child’s simplicity. Now, the struggles of parenting feel well worth it, alhumdulilah. I begin to see the wisdom of having children.

They are a gift to us and an immense amount of blessing to the entire world.  Alhumdulilah.

Through their innocent eyes, life is beautiful. Through their innocent minds, things are wonderful. And through their innocent hearts, humanity is kind and caring. Their words are refreshing and their acts are delightful to watch. I want to hold on to this moment, so sweet and so precious. I want to describe it to someone and can’t wait for my husband to arrive home. Sometimes I remember to share it with him and other times I forget. So, after  many forgetful days, I decided to write them down. This is why I have a “Sweet Memories Journal” about my kids.

 What are the benefits in keeping this type of journal? There are many but the following are just a few.

1. Positive Thoughts = Positive Memories = Positive Outlook on Life

We all live in this crazy world of ups and down, that’s just the reality of life. The grass is not greener on the other side, it is similar to yours. Dry spots here and weeds over there. But, once we overlook those spots we can see wild colorful flowers blossoming! MashaAllah.

 When looking back from your future, what would you like to remember? Good memories or bad ones? Good ones of course. Positive memories will give you a positive outlook on life.

  • How Many Journals Do I Keep?

I first began filling up a journal for my children. It’s so simple, they are so cute, mashaAllah. I wrote down all the lovely things they said and did. Then, I noticed that it was crucial to have one for my husband as well. He is sweet to us, cares and provides for us, alhumdulillah. You can have a journal for all the important people in your life.

  •  How often to write?

I prefer to write every night but realistically can do it on a weekly basis. And, when I am feeling down, I try to write more often with my heart attached to it. It’s a beautiful and healthy way to express your emotions. This can be very uplifting. Besides jotting down the sweet events that happened, I sometimes add personal cards, emails and texts we have exchanged. It takes a few minutes but the memories last a lifetime.

2. Show Your Loved One His/Her Journal

 The pages on the journal will be filled up pretty fast and the complete book can be a heartfelt gift you hand over to your beloved. Tell them what it is you are doing as you sit in the evenings with your warm cup of tea jotting down frantically every bit of sweetness. Let them know you are creating this especially for them. Knowing that you care enough to capture their memories will make them cherish you even more. It’s wonderful to be loved 🙂


3. Stress Reliever and Joy Retriever

 Taking a few moments for yourself from a busy day can be very soothing and therapeutic. When you are creating and writing down beautiful events, it can make you feel warm inside. It can make you have a positive outlook on life and it can take away the problems of your day, even if just for a moment. This is exactly what our mind and body needs, a break and downtime from our overloaded schedule.

4.What’s Written Down Becomes Real and Permanent

 You know how we read stories or current events and then summarize them to our kids. What do you think happens in the process? It goes from short term memory to long term memory in your mind. From temporary to permanently, real. Writing an event goes through the same transition except it takes an extra step once you have writen it down. It is showcased for others to see its beauty and importance.


5. It’s A Pick Me Up

 When you’re upset with your loved one (ie: your husband) instead of getting in his face after a fight, go to your journal of him and read all the admirable things he has done for you in the past. Sometimes during an argument we strip a person of their goodness. So, don’t let shaitan win. Instead let your journal remind you to take the road that is pleasing to Allah(swt). Forgive, forget and hold on to good times.

 When your kids are away on a trip or have grown up and gone off to college, sweet memories can be a beautiful treasure. Deeper than pictures, words that come from the heart can touch the heart.

 And if you are in a gloomy mood, open up the journal and start reading the silly, funny events that have occurred with your beloveds. All of a sudden you’ll find yourself smiling, laughing and feeling so much better, inshaAllah.

I hope you try this beautiful habit of writing down ‘sweet memories’ of your beloveds. Wishing you wonderful days and beautiful memories always!

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