Let’s Clear the Road for Ramadaan with 4 Simple Steps

clear road

Before you know it, Ramadaan will be here. Are we prepared for it? Is your road clear to welcome Ramadaan? What steps must we take to make this a month of peace, reflection and ibadah? A time when we are able to connect to our Lord in a deeper way. Ramadaan is a beautiful month. Let’s pick up all the rocks, leaves and dirt off the road to ensure our journey will be a beneficial one, inshaAllah.

Here are  4 steps to take to make it happen:

1. Get our home prepared

The last thing  we want to do when Ramadaan is here is give up our precious time of worship to clean our house. I know that minimum daily cleaning will always be there. But deep cleaning needs to be taken care of before Ramadaan. Go ahead make a list of all the things you need to do and spread them out within the next few weeks. You have a whole month to get them done.

Don’t have the time to get to them with your busy schedule. No problem. Here’s your chance to use up your emergency money and hire a cleaner to do the job. Ramadaan is a month that is well worth the money. The feeling you get after the house is deep cleaned from head to toe is simply priceless.

Here’s a deep clean list you can use:

  •  Kitchen: Deep clean the refrigerator, oven and microwave. Re-organize and clean all cabinets and draws. Touch up walls with paint. Wash all curtains.
  • Bathroom: Deep clean the bathroom. Scrub bathtub/shower to shine. Touch up tiles with grout to give it that extra new look. 
  • Bedroom: Re-organize closets. Down size your wardrobe. Wash all linens and blankets.
  • Living room: Dust off cobwebs. Touch-ups walls with paint. Vaccuum under and behind sofas and coaches. Wash all accessories in room (pillow cases, blankets, curtains, etc).

2.Plan and Prep Your Meals for Ramadaan

  • It’s a great idea to buy non-perishable food items in advance and store them away. Who wants to waste time at the checkout line at the grocers in Ramadaan? Not me.
  • Prepare and freeze meal items which work for you. I prefer cooking my ground meat with onions, then freezing it in small glass tupperwares. When needed, I defrost and add them to almost any meal to give it that extra protein packed yummy flavor .
  • Many veggies can be peeled, diced and stored away in plastic bags to freeze until needed.
  • Fill up your pantry with healthy snacks for kids. When you’re fasting and don’t have the energy to make lunch, at least there’s something healthy for them to snack on. A plus is to label all your pantry so your kids don’t keep nagging you for what’s where. If your kids can’t read yet, use pictures instead.
  • Write up easy to make menus and stick them on the frig. To get an idea on what to eat for iftar, refer to: 10 healthy eating tips after a fast

3. Have a Ramadaan Journal

Make a list of what you want to complete in Ramadan. Some things to cover would be :

  • Reciting Quran: What time of day you’d like to read depending on when you have the stamina and strength. How many Juz you intend to cover and so forth.
  • Making dua (prayer): Write down all the duas you would like to read in Ramadan, write down your personal duas you would like to recite on special moments in Ramadaan (ie:  at lai-latul qadr, before breaking your fast, after fajr prayer or at the time of tahajudd).
  • Giving charity: Which organization would you prefer to give charity to and  how much do you want to give? Volunteer work you would like to perform. Meals you would like to make to feed the fasting person or paying for meals to be catered at the masjid.
  • Make a schedule of your day: When to perform extra ibadah (prayers, dhikr, reciting Quran) and how much. To get an idea of what to do when you have the most energy, please refer to our post on 5 Ways to Naturally Start your Day Right.
  • Make time for your kids: What time of the day would you like to spend reading or telling your children a story pertaining to Ramadan? Art projects you would like to do with the kids.
  • Keep the kids busy: Get a hold of all the educational movies, documentaries or shows you would allow your children to watch when you need to catch up with your sleep. Borrow books from the library and leave them around the house for your children to find and keep busy with.

4. Eid Gifts

  • If you love giving gifts than start planning and purchasing them right now. Purchase, label and wrap all your gifts. Don’t waste a minute of your precious Ramadaan on shopping or worrying about material stuff.
  • Don’t forget about yourself. Decide what you want to wear for Eid. Make sure its washed and clean and put away.

Ramadan is a wonderful month showered with blessings. Deal with all the nitty-gritty now so you can walk the road soaking up all its blessings, inshaAllah! 

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