How I Explained Charity to My Kids


Alhumdulillah for the little things in life, I thought, as I heard footsteps racing through the hallway calling out my name, “Asalamu alaikum mommy! We’re home and we brought some biryani!” Smiles on their faces, arms wide open and ready to jump into mine. Who would have thought a few hours ago my kids were misbehaving, talking back to me and giving me a headache. My awesome other half saved my day, by taking our boys with him for Jummah prayer, alhumdulilah!

It’s amazing what a little break can do for mommy. Conversations become sweet and polite again because of the blessings of jummah and I was missed. I asked my kids if they had remembered to put some money in the sadaqa box, when my youngest son answered.“Yes we did, but giving charity makes my money less.”

I knew it was something that most kids think about, so I placed him on my lap, smiled, put my arms around him and said, “Honey, when we give a part of our money for charity, Allah (swt) showers our lives through Barakah (blessings) and Khair (that which is good for us). He (swt) provides for us what we need.”

My little one looked at me confused, shook his head and exclaimed, “No it doesn’t! I know that when I have $10 and I give away $3, I have only $7 left and that is not enough to buy the toy I want.” 

SubhanAllah, how was I going to explain the beauty of charity to my child? What was I doing wrong? So I had to think of a way I could make him understand the act of charity better. I had to remind myself who I was talking to – my child, so it was imperative to keep the explanation short and simple. Children learn best through stories, especially the ones that they have experienced in life.  So I tried again by saying,

“Sweetheart, when we spend from our money to take care of others, Allah (swt) takes care of us. You know how your daddy loves to help others when he’s able? Well, remember when he was looking for a comfortable office chair for himself. He wanted something that was well-built, would last for a long time, but nothing too expensive. We searched many stores but didn’t find anything that fit our budget. Did your daddy give up? No. Did he settle for something less? No. Instead he waited patiently and decided to leave it all up to Allah (swt). He made dua that his problem would be solved  and put his trust in Allah (swt) and do you know what? Allah heard his dua and knew what he wanted deep down in his heart. Allah (swt) loves to hear that we need His help. Do you remember what happened a few months afterwards? A friend of your dad had to get rid of his office chair, because there was no space for it in his home, and subhanAllah he gave it to your dad and there it was, a perfect match! That was from Allah. You see how things work out?”

My little boy agreed and said, “Ok mama, but what if you give charity and then ask Allah for something  by making dua, and then your dua never comes true. Then what?” It’s amazing how kids think.

I told him, “Well my dear, when your dua does not come true in this world, then Allah (swt) saves it for the hereafter. We all would want that to happen, because in the hereafter your dua will be hundreds of times better. Just imagine what that would be like!

I continued saying, “There is one more special thing that I want to tell you. Your dad and I sometimes sit and wonder how things turned out in our lives, and we can’t help but prostrate and thank Allah (swt) for all the wonderful things we have been given. When we think about how our lives have become better, in terms of being guided by Allah (swt) towards following His deen and making the right decision, we can’t help but think that it must have a little to do with small acts of kindness we did when we were young. You see honey, Allah (swt) loves children, they are innocent and pure, children can only go to Jannah. Our Lord loves everyone who performs good deeds, but especially by kids just like you. Imagine how much more He would love you if you did what pleased Him. What do you think about that?”

His eyes gleamed with light and he smiled shyly and said, “I think that’s nice”. My heart melted towards his smile and I prayed to Allah to help us always explain His beautiful deen in the most loving way to our children, in hopes that they yearn to follow it with delight InshAllah, ameen.

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