Asalamu alaikum! This is the greeting we exchange in arabic which means Peace be unto you!

Welcome to SimpleTips4mom. A place where I would like to share my Simple Tips with you. Just like you, I’m a blessed mama of many children, who multi-task all day long. 

Why Do I Write

Dear sisters. In no way do I feel qualified to give anyone parenting advise . Like you, I’m just a mom who’s going through the struggles of parenting. Along the way I have picked up some simple ways to tackle these hurdles. Our Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him = ﷺ) said, “Every act of goodness is charity.”  Here’s my attempt to charity (inshaAllah= God willing), sharing  my simple tips with you.

Please keep me in your prayers, you are always in mine. Your thoughts, comments and suggestions are always appreciated. I’d love to hear from you!

 Writer –  (Umm Abdullah)- 


     What does ‘Umm Abdullah’ mean? In Arabic it means the mother (umm) of the servant of God (Abdullah). At the time of the Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ), mothers were called after their first-born child’s name. Naturally, after being blessed with a precious little boy I wanted to be known just for that. 

Alhumdulilah (Thanks to God), I am a super blessed mom of 4 jumpy buttons (kids) and wife to a hubby with a great sense of humor. I have been teaching  kids ever since I can remember, and let me tell you it’s definitely an adventure! I adore children, and feel that anytime we give to these beautiful gifts of ours, we in turn are showered with immense Barakah (blessings that keep increasing) and Khair (that which is good for us). I feel blessed and want to share my simple tips with you! 

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Aynur says:

    Jazaaki Allaahu khairan sister. May Allaah subhana wa ta’ala accept your good deeds, protect your children from every evil, and bless you with all goodness, ameen.

    1. SimpleTips says:

      JazakAllah khair sweet sister for your kind words:) May Allah(swt) bring ease to what is difficult for you as well,ameen. And May He guide us all to raise children pleasing to Him, ameen

  2. RABIA TAYOB says:

    Alhamdulillah. May Allah reward u for ur efforts.

    1. SimpleTips says:

      Ameen. JazakAllah for your kind words 🙂

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